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Eye strain and the Racoon Syndrome.

Worried about those dark circles around your eyes?  It's not just cosmetic, it's a sign of eye strain...brain drain...and reason to complain!

You are not going to get away from screen-glare.  So, make a smart decision and invest in some proper eyewear.  For project times longer than 60 minutes these are a must.

Simple solutions that save your eyes and give you an instant facelift!


Tone my butt by spreading my toes?

If your toes do not separate properly, you will not only increase your risk for bunions, neuromas...and...well, ugly feet, you will risk getting a saggy butt!  If your toes are locked,  your butt won't get the signal to fire up.  

Save your toes and tone your butt with Yoga Toes!

(And if you haven't gotten your feet adjusted, get your butt inot UHI and emancipate your toes!)



When you can't get clinical massage therapy but you have to get into some hard to reach spots, a lacrosse ball is an option.  It's not meant to be left in one spot too long (or it can cause the poor muscles to starve for blood).  One of the best uses for a lacrosse ball is for the arch of the foot.  It's relief for the arch and exercise for the wee little bones of the foot at the same time.

Foam Roller!

Whether you are working to keep your posture good or want to increase circulation on your thighs to reduce adhesions and bumps on your TFL or quadriceps, you must have at least one foam roller at home.  

Three minutes on the foam roller can increase your stride, decrease soreness after running and reduce the aggregation of fat (aka cellulite)



Dr. Mark Hyman gets right to the point in this easy-to-understand book.  Choosing the right food not only helps to keep the body in shape, improve the tone of the flesh and help sleep patterns keeps the blood sugar balanced, elevates the mood and helps to normalize hormones.

For the mommies we love...

When the central tendon of the abdomen splits like an old zipper, it's time to do something fast.  The best solution is supervised physical therapy and clinical massage therapy; then doing the right stuff at home.  

This is the most reliable reference we've found to understand the condition and choose the right actions to prevent further damage.

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