Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO - In Network

Aetna PPO - In Network

We are In-Network with BlueCrossBlueShield PPO and Aetna PPO.


But, did you know that we also accept Out-of-Network insurances, too?!

Not only that, most Out-of-Network benefits are still rather generous regarding reimbursment

for the care we offer here at UHI.


No matter whether you are In- or Out-of-Network, let us check your benefits with a proper insurance verification. We will let you know what care your insurance policy allows for you here at Universal Health Institute. 

*And, yes, it is the fine print reminder!  Universal Health Institute is not responsible for any services not covered by your insurance. 

No Insurance?

Well, then, let's find another way to get you the help you need.  

We offer Healthy Start packages as an option

to jump start your road to a healthier you. 

Call us for more information or email us:


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