You are part of the solution.


Listen UP:

Every reaction is significant, practically...scientifically. 



Reporting what you believe may have been a vaccine injury 

is not an 'accusation'. It's an important part of data collection

that will help everyone get the best care - because we'll have real data.


Leave it to the scientists who are collecting this data to see if it 

correlates with anything other data they are receiving.


DO YOUR PART: Share what you believe is possibly

a vaccine side effect or a vaccine injury.

Your Duty:

Report Adverse Events.



Click on the image of the laptop, here, below for

a 15 minute instructional video

on HOW to fill out the 

Vaccine Adverse Reaction Form

Thank you.

Good Job.

How to Find # of Deaths from Covid19 Vaccines on the CDC System:

Vaccine Adverse Events Reaction System (VAERS)


This VAERS reporting system is a CDC government system.


Basic instructions on how to find # of Deaths:


Instructions for VAERS searches: 


a.   Go to the CDC Wonder page (

Click “I agree” at the bottom of the page, then click “VAERS Data Search”. 


b.   You will be taken to the Request Form tab.

In section 1, choose Group Results by “Year Reported”.

In section 5, select Event Category “Death”.

Leave everything else on the default settings.


c.   Click “Send”.

That will take you to the Results tab, showing all deaths reported to VAERS for all vaccines in the US since 1990.


d.   To limit the search to deaths from covid vaccines, return to the Request Form tab.

In section 3, select Vaccine Product “COVID19 (COVID19 VACCINE)”.

Leave everything else as it was for the first search.


e.   Click “Send” again.

That will take you to the Results tab, showing all deaths reported to VAERS from the covid shots.