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Hi! I am Dr. Amelia Case.


What's It All About?





While there is no 'right way' to solve a problem or take care of someone - there are a two truths that are always relevant to help you on your journey:



  • There are simple ways and complex ways to take care of your body.  Don't be fooled that simple won't work.  In the hands of experts, simple is the goal.  (Einstein said it best.  "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.")


  • The most powerful way to help your body and mind heal, and feel better, is to invite a team - a kind of healing think-tank - to do its job. One method often potentiates the effect of another.  Give yourself the opportunity for great results by using combinations of methods.  


My name is Dr. Amelia Case.  I founded Universal Health Institute (UHI) in 1990 as a Board-Certified Chiropractic Physician. Since then, this company has expanded to include many other methods to help your body and mind feel better and heal. 



We, at UHI, are human-being geeks.  From the structure to the biochemistry to the ecology of the the mental, emotional and spiritual nature of experience, we work together to study and combine our expertise to make a difference in the lives of those we touch. 


"This place is amazing. The best adjustments I’ve ever had and I’ve seen at least 10 Chiropractors." 

Jennifer K.

"Most people with health challenges have had countless frustrating experiences with doctors or nurses who don't listen or take your treatment concerns seriously. UHI is a breath of fresh air for anyone who's interested in building a collaborative plan to get well with their medical team!"

Elena S.

John P.

Insurance Verification can be a confusing process. 


Let us help you! 


Our verification process covers most of the questions you could ever want to know, so let us do it for you.  


While most of our services are covered by insurance, coverage varies from policy to policy.  We can do the verification process for you, to get you started.

Wondering how to use your insurance?


Our Insurance Specialist, Pankaj, is read to do your verification.  Just give a call 1-312-266-9090.  Have your policy card ready. We'll get your data, and start the verification asap!


We do your verification for FREE!


Good Planning includes Good Communication!


From the data your insurance company shares with us, we will help you plan your care and finances. 


(We will give you a reference number to identify the recorded conversation with your insurance representative, in case you want to review it yourself.) 


Remember!  You are responsible for any services not covered by your insurance whether you are in or out-of-network.  So, let's take the time to investigate and plan what's right for you!

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